• The Landing

    close up of landing
    Spring 2020 Landing cover


    • Simpy Better - L-Series II Machines
    • Game Plan - Sanville Logging
    • Time to Hit the Slopes - FL100 Felling Head
    • Reaching the Summit - A&K Timber Company

    640L-II Skidder hauling a bundle of logs through the forest

    Simply Better

    Our L-Series II Skidders and Wheeled Feller Bunchers have been simplified to reduce maintenance and increase uptime.

    Overhead view of a wheeled harvester working in the woods

    Game Plan

    Sanville Logging uses TimberMatic™ Maps and TimberManager™ to help improve efficiency.

    Close up of FL100 felling head on 959ML Shovel Logger

    Time to Hit the Slopes

    The FL100 Directional Felling Head excels in tough terrain, including steep-slope logging. 

    An operator climbs into a 959ML Shovel Logger on a steep mountain slope overlooking a large valley

    Reaching the Summit

    Andrew Johnson loves the challenge of steep-slope logging on Vancouver Island.